Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sustainable Farm – a blog about farming and life

Okay, I’ve written and posted to the Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm blog sporadically over the past few years, but I just haven’t gotten on a regular schedule.

A couple of posts went up this past week – both are about connections – the currency of sustainability. I’ve begun sharing to facebook when I post. I was astounded that close to 100 people have gone to see those posts. I’ve decided to get more disciplined about writing (and posting). Look for a couple of posts per week.

For those of you who know me, I LOVE talking about what we do. Also, I have opinions and ideas on a range of topics – and given the chance, enjoy sharing them. As we’re fully immersed in farming and sustainability, things tend to circle back to those themes.

Generally, the feedback I get from my in person and blog explications are positive. My goal for this blog is to extend and expand our connections. I will continue to write about the many connections of Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm – how they change with the seasons and how they often intersect in interesting ways. Some other topics I’ll be writing about in the coming weeks include: food and farm policy; rural/urban ties; food webs and niches; media literacy in terms of Corporate Ag’s propaganda push; balancing farm, family, and home education; food – what we eat, how we cook, recipes, tips, links, etc.; food & farm activism advocacy; the politics of food – eating as a political act. Larger writing projects that will receive attention are: a document on writing a successful grant application; creative marketing techniques; starting a Meat CSA – A how to guide.

If one of these topics is of particular interest to you please comment (on fb or on the blog itself), and I will try to cover it sooner rather than later. Comments are welcome; I enjoy good conversation and will respond as much as possible. If you like what you read, please share with your friends and networks.




  1. So here is a question, and pretend I am just some guy livin' in the burbs and I know nothing about farming...which is true btw. What would you most want me the reader to know about Cedar Valley Sustainable?

  2. Tim, that is an excellent question and writing prompt. Look for my next post "What readers should know about Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm.