Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recipe - Sloppy Jacks

Sloppy Jacks

Sloppy Jacks are our version of the traditional Sloppy Joes that are a favorite of our youngest, Jack.

The method is very loose, so I'll describe it here rather than try to call it a recipe!  

  • Start by browning your ground meat (beef, pork or a combination). 
  • Add a can (or 2) of drained pinto beans.  
  • Season with generous amounts of onion powder (that way there are no yucky onion chunks for anyone to complain about) and garlic powder.  
  • For the sauce squirt in about a cup (I never measure, so I'm guessing) of ketchup, then about half as much mustard.  
  • Keep playing with the amounts of each until you have a flavor and consistency that you like.  
  • If I'm feeling very ambitious I'll throw in a little vinegar and balance that with brown sugar, maybe salt & pepper if I think of it.  
  • Taste as you go and see what you like!  Serve on buns, or if you're like Jack, scoop it up with potato chips!